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We're delighted to see that South Wales culture magazine Buzz have published a glowing review of our restaurant, awarding us with an amazing 5 stars!

The Rasoi Indian Kitchen food review features in the February 2013 print magazine as well as on the website. Food reviewer Charlotte Beer visited Rasoi Indian Kitchen just before Christmas to write the piece and, by all accounts, had an excellent experience!

"Rasoi Indian Kitchen is an elegant establishment offering diners the chance to look on as the chef creates culinary theatre in the open kitchen while being waited on by the most discreetly attentive, knowledgeable staff. It is a breath of fresh air in a sea of identikit, middle of the road Indian restaurants."

Read the full review on the Buzz website here to find out which dishes Charlotte and her companion enjoyed most and what they thought of our carefully crafted atmosphere.

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Customer Reviews

"We have been back to the Restaurant several times since it opened, and it never lets us down. There is a wide choice on the Menu."

"Easy to find! Good food amazing service! I highly recommend this restaurant!"

"Excellent service and good atmosphere. Amazing choice for more unusual Indian food."

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