New Dishes Set to Sail to Your Plate!

If you enjoy our current Rasoi curry dishes, then you’re going to love our new menu which will feature on our brand new website in the next few weeks.

Dishes include succulent tender barbequed chicken drumsticks stuffed with lamb mince, marinated in fresh yoghurt and spices to intensify the flavour, then slowly roasted in the tandoor, as well as roasted chicken from the flames of the tandoor, braised in a fresh peppery fenugreek masala sauce - perfect for tickling those taste buds. We can’t wait to see you all trying out the dishes soon!

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Customer Reviews

"We have been back to the Restaurant several times since it opened, and it never lets us down. There is a wide choice on the Menu."

"Easy to find! Good food amazing service! I highly recommend this restaurant!"

"Excellent service and good atmosphere. Amazing choice for more unusual Indian food."

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