Rasoi Backs Nepal Emergency Fund

Suki and Jas

Suki and Jas have donated £1,000 to help transport emergency food and medical supplies to disaster-stricken Nepal, to help some of the thousands caught up in the earthquake which has left the country in ruins.

The two brothers issued a plea to anyone who wanted to add to their donation to Khalsa Aid to get in touch.

They have been touched by the plight of the thousands of families caught up in the crisis, which has claimed more than 8,000 lives and left infrastructure in tatters. Suki said: "I think the scenes of devastation in Nepal have affected everyone and we are keen to do what we can to help.

"The problems in Nepal are probably going to affect families and communities for years to come but we wanted to do what we could now to help meet people’s basic needs."

The family is no stranger to providing medical support in northern India having set up the Sikhi Sewa Mission in Punjab more than a decade ago and in that time they have helped more than 95,000 of the regions poorest people with food, free medical care and free education.

Suki said: "We did explore the option of having provisions flown directly from our Sikhi Sewa Mission but the red tape involved made that process too complex."

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