Rasoi Waterfront - Excitement Mounting For The Grand Opening

Tandoor at Rasoi Waterfront

The wraps will soon be off at Rasoi Waterfront over at Swansea SA1's J-Shed – home to Suki and Jas's exciting new foodie venture.

The tandoor ovens are in place and ready to be fired up, with the fixtures and fittings going in now. Much of the kitchenware and decorations were brought back from India by Jas on his most recent visit and the restaurant's eyecatching design and décor will give the place a unique style and atmosphere.

"We've been really pleased by how supportive people have been about our new venture. So many people have stopped by and told us they are planning to come along and try us out when we open our doors in the summer, and we've even had calls from people wanting to make reservations before we've opened.

"We're keeping people updated on our Facebook pages: Rasoi Waterfront and Rasoi Swansea so check in anytime for updates. We're really looking forward to bringing some head-turning Indian fusion ideas to the table!"

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Customer Reviews

"We have been back to the Restaurant several times since it opened, and it never lets us down. There is a wide choice on the Menu."

"Easy to find! Good food amazing service! I highly recommend this restaurant!"

"Excellent service and good atmosphere. Amazing choice for more unusual Indian food."

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