Rasoi now on Desktop and Mobile

With 47% of our website visits coming from mobile devices we thought it was about time we catered for those of you who like to browse the internet on the go.

We know what it's like, it's happened to us so many times - you're out and about and you fancy a curry. So, you pick up your phone to search for the nearest curry house or the contact details of your favourite Indian restaurant (Rasoi, of course!).

Our clever new website will now recognise when you're visiting us from a smartphone or tablet device and show you the mobile version of rasoiwales.co.uk to make life a bit easier for you. 

All of the information on our full desktop website is available on mobile, it's just been styled differently to make better use of the space available on smaller screens and make browsing with your fingertips a better experience. When you tap on our phone number on the mobile version your smartphone will even automatically load our phone number in your dialler so you can give us a call!

Visit rasoiwales.co.uk on your tablet or smartphone now to see for yourself!

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Customer Reviews

"We have been back to the Restaurant several times since it opened, and it never lets us down. There is a wide choice on the Menu."

"Easy to find! Good food amazing service! I highly recommend this restaurant!"

"Excellent service and good atmosphere. Amazing choice for more unusual Indian food."

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