Why Seafood goes so perfectly with Indian flavours

Seafood is a cuisine that’s a favourite of food lovers the world over. Many people think that Indian flavours can overpower fish, but in our dishes we pride ourselves on finding the perfect balance between the two. We use fresh and local produce whenever possible and as we are so close to the beautiful Gower coastline we have an abundance of fresh seafood right on our doorstep.

The added health benefits of seafood are another reason that we love to use it in our dishes. Fish is packed with vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids and research suggests that a healthy diet should consist of fish twice a week.

So if you’re a fan of seafood then we’ve got plenty of options for you on our menu. Here are some of those dishes with a little bit of extra information about what makes them so special.

Scallops Royale

Our Scallops Royale starter dish is seared scallops with mango chilli and coriander salsa, beetroot sauce and mint chutney. A fantastic way to start off a dinner here at Rasoi, the mango chilli brings a fresh and fruity flavour to the dish whilst the mint chutney and beetroot sauce add some contrasting tastes to pair with the scallops.

Ajwani Fish Tikka

You’ll absolutely love our Ajwani Fish Tikka. It’s monkfish marinated in garlic and carom seeds. The meatiness of the monkfish really lends itself to strong flavours like the garlic. The texture of it also makes it the perfect fish for curry dishes, as it feels meatier than a lot of other seafood and won’t fall apart in the pan.

Goan Fish Curry

Another one of our favourites, it’s made up of fillets of seabreem simmered in a traditional Goan masala of piaz, coriander seeds, green chillies and coconut cream. The coconut cream gives this curry a smooth texture whilst the chillies and seeds help to give it a bit of a kick. The sea breem is great at locking in all the flavour and is perfect in this curry dish.

If just reading about some of our seafood dishes has whet your appetite, then have a look at our full menus to see what else we have to offer you here at Rasoi. Don’t forget to tweet us your dishes to @rasoiwaterfront/@RasoiWales or tag us on Facebook!

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